Thank you for your interest in donating to our wonderful radio station. In the form below please input any amount or use one of the quick buttons.
Fund Drive Details
1. 10/22-25 from 9am-Noon live on 89.1 FM
2. There are 500 squares you can buy as many squares as you want - $50 each
3 Each square gets you into the drawings for prizes
4. 10/23 Doyon Limited will participate in a match day and match what listeners call in.
5. There are a variety of prize donations that will be mentioned on air.
6. Call 907-374-9777 during the fund drive hours 9am-Noon to buy a square.

Cash Prizes are:  
1-$5000, 2-$2000, 3-$500
THE FUTURE AND GROWING BEYOND THE FIDDLERS FESTIVAL While the AFA is most well-known for the Fiddlers Festival, its mission is much more expansive, with the festival being only one mechanism for sharing, perpetuating and preserving the culture of the Interior’s indigenous peoples. Recognizing this, the board of AFA has been actively engaged in envisioning a bigger future, and specifically how it can better meet its mission.

The Voice of Denali radio station offers an outlet to expand upon AFA’s current reach, establishing a sustainable, culturally-focused, public radio presence in Alaska’s Interior. Utilizing the airwaves,
Voice of Denali will broadcast music and information, and connecting people from all across Alaska’s vast Interior region to share, perpetuate and preserve Athabascan culture and traditions.
This program is available to Alaskans who file online for their PFD. The online application will have a list of eligible organizations, and people will be able to choose those to which they want to contribute. Individuals will be able to direct from $25 to the full amount of the dividend to eligible nonprofits.Sign up for your PFD and give to "ATHABASCAN FIDDLERS ASSOCIATION INC."

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