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meet our hosts

Ann Fears

Weekdays 9am-noon
Denali Jam - Classic Rock, Athabascan Fiddle music, Country, and conversations. You name it, it’s liable to be in Denali Jam. Denali Jam also features “the word or phase of the day” presenting different dialects and language from rural Alaska.


Weekdays 4pm-5pm
Alaska Native Stories -Stories told by Alaskan Natives that will entertain, educate, and help preserve the Native culture.

Larissa Sommer

Weekdays 4pm-5pm
Burning Daylight -Interviews and discussions withAlaska Native leaders and future leaders.

Ben Charlie

saturdays 10am-2pm
CHON FM - Music from Whitehorse, Canada with our Gwitchin host.


Fridays 5pm-8pm
Rockin’ with Rattles  - You never know what Rattles will play next from his 10,000-album vinyl collection.

Margie Attla

Sundays 7pm-9pm
Athabascan Program- A two hour show that focuses on music, health, and language of the Athabascan culture.

Dave Patty

weekdays 8am-9am
Coffee Hour - Dave Patty live from KSKO in McGrath

Word Of The Day Podcast

the true language

Our Story

Voice of Denali was created by the Athabascan Fiddlers Association (AFA). The AFA is well known for organizing and carrying out the annual Fiddler’s Festival in the fall in Fairbanks, Alaska. This celebration of Athabascan music, culture and traditions brings hundreds of Athabascan Natives and others from throughout Alaska’s Interior for four-days of cultural and musical celebration. Musicians come together from far and wide to play, and listen, to the best music around. While they are playing and listening they are also sharing, which helps the AFA meets its important mission.

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Tanana Chiefs Conference

Verdrisia Dennis, Nikolai

Legacy of Our Elders, Volume 10

Posted by Tanana Chiefs Conference on Thursday, June 25, 2020
Rita Koyukuk
Leonard Andrews
Verdrisia Dennis
Carl Gregory

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